15 AJAX and PHP Contact Form Scripts

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Oct 1st, 2014
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AJAX and PHP Contact Form Scripts are a great solution. In this article we will cover the best PHP contact forms. There are plenty of ready to use solutions on the web that can make your life easier and save your precious time. For instance, AJAX and PHP contact form scripts can be found in a big variety.

AJAX and PHP Contact Form Scripts can help anyone. Whoever you are, a professional developer or a simple user with some coding skills, these solutions will help you building an impressive website with less effort. PHP contact forms that will be presented below were carefully coded by professionals.Also, they give extensive support and documentation, so you won’t have any troubles setting up and running these scripts.

Most of them use AJAX and jQuery for smooth user experience and attractive design. If you don’t know how to create a contact form or the process seems pretty tricky, there is no problem because good people made it for you. The price is more than affordable and you get a premium product that will help you reach success.


PHP Contact Form Generator

PHP Contact Form Generator is a powerful form builder that enables you to create the most elegant forms in less than a minute. Create your own contact forms, feedback forms, online surveys or event registrations and get responses via e-mail. It provides great flexibility and customization options. PHP contact forms




Quform is an AJAX PHP Contact Form. It means that it will work on any devices your website should be viewed on. It does everything without reloading the page which makes for a sleek user experience that is sure to make a positive impression when your visitors contact you. Responsive Ajax Contact Form



AJAX Contact Form

Using AJAX technology, this PHP contact form will allow you to create awesome forms just in minutes. It won’t harm your website speed as it uses only one file to complete the whole process. Think smart and use verified solutions for your website, saving time and money. AJAX Contact Form



Simple PHP Contact Form

This is one of the most popular variants on the web. This is a lightweight solution, using pure PHP and fewer resources than any other similar solution. Fast and smooth running is guaranteed and recommended by thousands of users worldwide. PHP Contact Form



Extended AJAX PHP Contact Form

This is a comfy contact form based on AJAX that does not require page reloading for validation or sending the form. This is true real-time working process. Extended AJAX Contact Form



Contact Form With Auto Responder

The easy and full functional advanced contact form with validation and custom auto responder message system which is easy to set no need of PHP coding. One of the best PHP Contact Forms. Contact Form With Custom Auto Responder



Awesome PHP Contact Form

It is simple to install and comes packaged with many optional features which can be turned on simply by editing the configuration file, so never again will you need to dive into the main source code to add a feature. It comes with a comprehensive User Guide which has a detailed overview of each setting, and how to use each feature, with examples. Easy Contact Form



AJAX Form Pro

AJAX Form Pro a professional multi-usage web form meant to enhance the functionality of your website by providing an interactive user experience for your website visitors that need to reach you, whether they need to send a feedback, share their opinion regarding your website, fill a survey or even make a room reservation online. AJAX Form Pro



Ajax Contact Page with Google Map

A contact page with jQuery PHP Contact Form validation, CAPTCHA verification, ajax to send email function, and a Google Map showing your desired location. Ajax Contact Page with Google Map



Dynamic PHP Contact Form

Easily create forms from the administration area. You can add text, description, select radio buttons and check boxes in your form. Very useful if you want to personalize your contact form. Dynamic Contact Form



Advanced HTML5 PHP Contact Form

HTML is valid for the emails that you receive in your inbox, generated from this script. It will be neatly organized. Automatically require certain fields before allowing a form to be submitted. Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Advanced HTML5 Contact Form



Ajax PHP Contact Form with Attachments

The Ajax PHP Contact Form is a complete solution to create ajax contact form. Designed to be a flexible plugin, this item offer classics and originals features. You can easily create your own forms HTML templates and your own themes CSS. Ajax Contact Form with attachments


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