17 Best Adobe Lightroom Presets Packs

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Oct 18th, 2014

Best Adobe Lightroom Presets are complete actions that were created once and can be used every time you need some effects for your photos. In 2015, there are preset packs that include lots of effects for every possible need.

Adobe Lightroom Presets will help you to save time and lots of resources. Even if you are a beginner in photography, these presets will help you look more professional as they were created by pros with years of experience. Also, they will allow you to hide any issues during the shooting session.

Photographers are using them for weddings, where they have to process a big amount of information. Others apply them for business and corporate images. In fashion industry they are used as well, because they allow to show the best parts of an image. Of course you can modify them and save your own.

We thought that it will be a good idea to share with you some of most popular and Best Adobe Lightroom Presets, that are used by thousands of people around the world. In general, Lightroom will help you to reach a higher level in your career and create your own shooting style. We recommend you take advantage of these premium tools.


55 Premium Lightroom Presets

This pack contains around 55 high quality presets that can be used for the most common photography styles. You just have to install them into your software and start using. Best Adobe Lightroom Presets



150 Lightroom Presets Bundle

This is a massive collection of Lightroom presets that every photographer should have. These presets have been tested with Adobe Lightroom 4.4. Try not to use them under exposed or over exposed images as they may not give you the best result. Adobe Lightroom Presets



50 Professional Lightroom Presets

This pack contains all kinds of effects that a professional photographer or cinematographer needs to enhance, repair and retouch. This pack is a must for beginners and not only. These are some of the Best Adobe Lightroom Presets.Professional Lightroom Presets



Lightroom HDR Supreme

This is a great bundle of HDR presets that you can find on the web. Lightroom HDR Supreme



Lightroom HDR

Here are some more Best Adobe Lightroom Presets that you can buy now. It is a must collection if you are a professional. Lightroom HDR Presets



Lightroom Vintage Pro

In this pack you get 50 Premium Lightroom Vintage presets. These presets have been successfully tested with Adobe Lightroom 5.0 (Also works with lightroom 4.0 and later versions.) Lightroom Vintage Presets



Lightroom 5 Dramatic Presets

These presets have a big potential and can create a feel of premium and luxury look. They will change your images completely, in a good way. These are some of the Best Adobe Lightroom Presets.Lightroom Dramatic Presets



50 Master Collection Presets

Such a bundle should be considered by editors and photography artists. You can create some really good combinations. Master Collection Presets



Lightroom Portrait Presets

If you shoot lots of portraits, these effects will turn your regular work into a masterpiece. We think that this is the right choice for you. Lightroom Portrait Presets



50 Premium Pro Presets

These presets come in a zip pack that includes the files you need. You can easily import them into the program and adapt them to your needs. Premium Pro Presets



Artistic LR Pro Presets

These presets, which are some of the Best Adobe Lightroom Presets can dramatically transform your experience of photo editing. With some clicks you will be able to get outstanding results that will impress. Artistic Lightroom Presets



Lightroom Fashion Presets

These are really nice and will suit the fashion theme. Lightroom Fashion Presets



Premium Lightroom Presets

Premium Lightroom Presets is the second pack of professional Lightroom Presets perfect for photographers and graphic designers. All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods. Premium Lightroom Presets



Pure Art Hand Drawing Lightroom Presets

Nice presets if you love drawing style and want to apply them in your projects or daily work.

Drawing Lightroom Presets



Professional Portraits Lightroom Presets

These are some of the Best Adobe Lightroom Presets.

Professional Portraits Lightroom Presets



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