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Oct 2nd, 2014

Premium ExpressionEngine Themes can be considered a new way of content management. In 2015, these responsive templates already found fans, friends and motivated developers and designers that want to create the future of the web.

ExpressionEngine Themes have a friendly interface that allows you to make modifications and edit your website content. Making simple changes without editing code, changing to an alternate colour style, adding Google Analytics code, couldn’t be easier with their backend theme option’s panel.

Premium ExpressionEngine Themes give you unlimited customization options as their main concept is clean and minimal. This layout style seems to be the golden middle online. People really like clean, simple things that are easy to understand, accept and work with. We think that in the next few months a lot of people will try this system and will give valuable feedback that will influence the future of the system. You can be a pioneer and one of the first users of the CMS.

We have created a collection that includes few ExpressionEngine Themes that are popular and bring value on the market. These templates are great from any point of view including design and the quality of code. We recommend you to take advantage of the new technologies and make a step towards the future.


Coffee Break

Coffee Break is a professional theme built specifically to showcase your business, services or products. Heavily influenced by the recent WooThemes.com re-design, and packed with loads of options, you have complete control over what pages display on the home page. An image resizes plugin automatically scales your post images for pixel perfect display in our templates. No need to upload new cropped images when re-designing your website.

Best ExpressionEngine Themes




Headlines continues where our old magazine themes left off. It has tons of requested features like featured area, social bookmarks, author highlighting, flexible layout to name a few. It’s the perfect platform to launch your magazine or blog and reach out to the world. It is a great premium ExpressionEngine theme.

ExpressionEngine Themes




Inspire is a highly functional theme that has a custom homepage with a featured area powered by jQuery, and lovely mini-featured area. This along with the included portfolio page template makes it perfect to use for your business to show off your work or products. They’ve tested our themes to ensure they are compatible with all the popular web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer.




Daily Edition

Daily Edition is a clean, spacious newspaper/magazine theme designed by Liam McKay. With loads of home page modules to enable/disable and a unique javascript-based featured scroller and video player the theme oozes sophistication. A PDF document ships with the theme explaining how to install and customize your theme. This is one of the Best ExpressionEngine Themes.

Magazine ExpressionEngine Themes




Delegate is a shiny and feature-packed business theme that should appeal to the funky companies out there. Packed with all the goodness of a proper premium ExpressionEngine theme, Delegate will most definitely make the impact you need from it. This is a great template that will make your life easier.

Blog ExpressionEngine Themes




Optimize builds on the popularity of Coffee Break theme, with stunning looks and super functionality. The customizable front page will showcase your work or product in a sexy fashion. Impress visitors of your site with this optimized theme now. The features this theme comes with are really powerful. This is one of the premium ExpressionEngine themes.

woothemes themes



The Station

The Station is a super business theme with loads of different options for navigation spaces, widgetized sidebars and custom widgets. Everything has been designed for your user in mind and all of your most important content will stand out within this Station. This is one of the best ExpressionEngine themes.

Business ExpressionEngine Themes



Fresh News

Fresh News is one of our oldest and best-selling themes, perfect for a clean & fresh blog, magazine based on ExpressionEngine. Please note that these EE themes are meant to be installed together with EE to kickstart your new EE project / website. We recommend you to try this amazing theme.

ExpressionEngine Premium Themes



City Guide

They’ve developed this theme to cater for directory-based sites. For example, a guide to a city with shops, restaurants and other places of interest all archived in posts with geo-tags, custom content about the locations, and well presented in this killer theme designed by Sam Brown.

City Guide ExpressionEngine Themes



Over Easy

Over Easy is a minimalistically-elegant theme aimed at companies who’d like a serious, all-in-one online web presence. The homepage is perfectly suited for sales, whilst the inner pages & blog has been hand-crafted to publish important info efficiently and promote engagement through the blog. It comes with a slider that is easy-to-use featured scroller to broadcast your business’ most important information.

Premium ExpressionEngine Themes




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