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How to Delete Shared Content on Facebook Messenger: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re an avid user of Facebook Messenger, you’ve likely shared a plethora of photos and other content with your friends and family. However, there might come a time when you wish to delete some of that content. Whether it was mistakenly shared or you simply want it gone, removing shared content on Facebook Messenger is a breeze. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process, ensuring you can accomplish this task with ease.

To begin, it’s crucial to grasp the concept of “shared content” in Facebook Messenger. When you send a photo, video, or any other type of file to someone via Messenger, it gets stored on Facebook’s servers, accessible to both you and the recipient. This is the essence of “shared content.”

Now, let’s delve into the steps to delete shared content on Facebook Messenger. Follow these straightforward instructions:

Step 1: Open Messenger To kick off the process, launch the Messenger app on your mobile device or open it on your desktop computer.

Step 2: Locate the Shared Content Once you have Messenger open, locate the conversation that contains the shared content you wish to delete.

Step 3: Open the Shared Content Within the conversation, find the specific shared content you want to remove and open it. This could be a photo, video, or any other file format.

Step 4: Tap and Hold If you’re using a mobile device, tap and hold the shared content until a menu appears. On desktop computers, hover over the shared content and click the “Options” button that pops up.

Step 5: Select “Delete” Within the menu, choose the “Delete” option. A prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the deletion of the shared content.

Step 6: Confirm Deletion Confirm your intention to delete the shared content by tapping “Delete” on mobile devices or clicking “Delete” on desktop computers.

That’s all there is to it! The shared content will be promptly removed from your Messenger conversation, rendering it inaccessible to both you and the recipient.

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when deleting shared content on Facebook Messenger:

  1. You can only delete shared content that you have sent. If someone else sent the content, you’ll need to ask them to delete it.
  2. If you delete a shared photo or video, it will also be removed from your Facebook account if you previously uploaded it there.
  3. If you delete a shared file, it will only be deleted from Messenger, not from your device or computer.

People Also Ask

Q: How do I delete multiple shared photos on Facebook Messenger? A: To delete multiple shared photos on Facebook Messenger, follow these steps. Open the conversation and tap on the person’s name at the top. From there, select “Photos & Videos” and choose the photos you want to delete. Tap and hold the first photo until a menu appears, then tap on the other photos to select them. Finally, tap “Delete” and confirm the deletion.

Q: How do I delete shared content in a group chat on Messenger? A: To delete shared content in a group chat on Messenger, follow the same steps outlined above. Open the conversation, locate the shared content you want to delete, and tap and hold (on mobile devices) or hover and click (on desktop computers) to bring up the delete menu. Confirm the deletion to remove the shared content from the group chat.

Q: Can I recover deleted shared content on Messenger? A: Unfortunately, once you delete shared content on Messenger, it cannot be recovered. Therefore, exercise caution and ensure you genuinely want to delete it before confirming the action.

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